About us



Let’s get acquainted! Who is BEAUTY BY D DOLCE? What’s the D stand for? Dolce... not Gabbana, NOPE, even sweeter! Although they’re bomb af. Meet Daniela! Mom (of 2 boys), Wife, Founder of BBDD, Entrepreneur, full-time Manager and of course a beauty lover. Like many of you, juggling the long list of life’s duties, we know that self-care, ALTHOUGH VERY IMPORTANT, tends to be the last thing we tend to! Figuring out how to use my time wisely -1 hour skin regimen? OR do I use that time to workout? Maybe even sleep in? Sometimes it’s even, “What brand do I begin with?”


That’s when BEAUTY BY D DOLCE was born! We wanted to make sure we kept everything we love in beauty care alive while making your skincare routines quick and easy. We love products that are effective,  we love for them to smell amazing and we love adding final touches to our packaging! Finding the time isn’t always easy, but if you could dedicate just 15-30 minutes in the morning and at night to follow a couple of steps to get glam, would you be game?! BRING IT ON!


We also take what you put on your skin very seriously. All of our skincare products are made in the U.S.A! All of BBDD products are cruelty free, because it’s only right! For more details on products/ingredients, we made sure to include a detailed list in the product tabs! We can’t wait for you to fall in love, get ready to get ya glow on, Dolce’s!

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